Day 3 Schedule: Thursday 17 June

Below is a high-level plan of Day 3 (Thursday 17 June). Scroll down or click on the links for detailed information on each session.

* signifies papers given by postgraduate research students.

1030-1045Rise and Shine Yoga
1045-1215Parallel Session 7
1230-1330Round Table
1430-1530Final Keynote
Prof Scott Podolsky
1530Conference Close
Prof Shane Kilcommins
Dean, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Limerick
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1030-1045 Rise and Shine Yoga

1045-1215 Parallel Session 7

Parallel Session 7, Panel 1: The ‘good death’ and funerary spaces
Melissa Bradner, Terrance P. Wyllie, Yael Tarshish, Virginia Woodlands.
Viv Lucas, A Resting Place for Weary Travellers.
Lauren Mitchell, Teaching, mourning: The funereal spaces of medical education.
Parallel Session 7, Panel 2: Children
Denise Alexander, Maria Brenner, Mary Quirke, An examination of the liminal space between identifying care needs and pursuing the initiation of technology dependence required long-term to sustain a child’s life.
Radha Bhat, Psychodynamic work in psychiatry.
Anna-Marie Parr, Laurence Nee, Claire Maling, Rachael Ward (in memoriam) , Parents who are also physicians: a complex space in the paediatric consultation.
Parallel Session 7, Panel 3: Spaces of Liminality and Simulation
Brenda Llewellyn Ihssen, Theology and third space health care: drinking and dreaming.
Teresa Casal, ‘Getting further and further away from myself’: experiencing space in dementia.
Maria T Ferazzoli, Deinstitutionalization: the uniqueness of the Italian case in the international context.
 Parallel Session 7, Panel 4: Medical students
Tafadzwa Cassandra Chigumba, International medical graduates integration.
Esther Ruth Kentish*, Using adaptations to explore and communicate verbal data from participants during a study abroad experience in London, England, United Kingdom.
Bruce Summers, Karen Schofield and Roger Bloor, A poetry book for medical students.

1215-1230 Break

1230-1330 Round Table: Clear Public Health Messaging

Panel: Professor Brendan Kelly (Psychiatry, TCD); Dr. Sindy Joyce (Sociology, UL); June Shannon (Medical Journalist) and Donnah Vuma (Direct Provision Activist).

Chair: Dr Marie Connolly, Director Human Rights, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at the University of Limerick.

This round table is generously sponsored by Human Rights, Equality, Diversion & Inclusion at the University of Limerick.

1330-1430 AGM

1430-1530 Final Keynote

Prof Scott Podolsky

1530 Conference Close

Prof. Shane Kilcommins
Dean, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Limerick