Day 2 Schedule: Wednesday 16 June 2021

Below is a high-level plan of Day 2 (Wednesday 16 June). Scroll down or click on the links for detailed information on each session.

* signifies papers given by postgraduate research students.

1030-1045Rise and Shine Yoga
1045-1215Parallel Session 4
1230-1330Parallel Session 5
1330-1430Lunch & Learn
1430-1600Parallel Session 6
1700-1800Plenary Session 2
Dr Brandy Schillace
1800-1845Evening Entertainment
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1030-1045 Rise and Shine Yoga

1045 – 1215 Parallel Session 4

Parallel Session 4, Panel 1: Poetry
Toni Mortimer, Poetry arising from the hospital bed.
Claire Lacey*, Concussion episodes: representing brain injury through poetry.
Marie Allitt, Of epic proportions: imagining and making hospital space in Gwyneth Lewis’ ‘A Hospital Odyssey’.
Parallel Session 4, Panel 2: Arts in Healthcare
Madeline Bridgland, Developing a creative health hub: making space for the arts in healthcare.
Emma Finucane, Making space for alternative and complementary health.
B.S. Bini, Impending Mortality as Narrative/ Artistic Space: Analysis of Select Narratives and Art Practices of Women Living with Cancer
Parallel Session 4, Panel 3: Professional Identities
Bridget MacDonald, Space to think.
Joe O’Dwyer, Making space – preservation or creation?
Louise Younie,, Intersubjectivity and the space inbetween
 Parallel Session 4, Panel 4: Liminal Spaces
Tina McGrath, Breasted occupation: making a rhetorical space for the problematics of living the female form within the breast cancer experience.
Stephen Chinn*, The four spaces of the consultant oncologist.
Bozhena Zoritch, Attachment theory: making space for ADHD
Parallel Session 4, Panel 5: Narrative Medicine (i)
Linda Turner, Is narrative medicine worth the space in an overcrowded medical curriculum?
Maaike Hommes*, Affective space and narrative thinking – critical approaches to body narrative in Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Aileen Reddan*, Illness narratives and space/time.

1215-1230 Break

1230-1330 Parallel Session 5

Parallel Session 5, Panel 1: The ‘good death’ and funerary spaces (i)
Jennifer Patterson, The living dead: hybrid contexts for rethinking cultural values.
Jennifer Moran Stritch, Coffee, cake and creativity: designing and doing death café Limerick.
Parallel Session 5, Panel 2: Bodies and Minds
Tobias Skiveren, Neoliberal misfits: becoming-ill in the affective spaces of our time.
Gordon Bates, Suggestion within the Third Space.
Parallel Session 5, Panel 3: Spaces and Identity
Martina Hynan*, Where were you born? … Does it matter? Exploring entanglements between place and birth in rural Ireland
Zoë Playdon, De facto and de jure: inside the medico-legal ghetto.

1330-1430 Lunch and Learn

Irish Foodways with Áine Maguire

1430-1600 Parallel Session 6

Parallel Session 6, Panel 1: History of Medicine (iii)
Katherine Cleaver*, Ink and tears: reconstructing space within a nineteenth-century insane asylum from the historical record
Emily Sykes*, Literature, lunatics, and liminal spaces: how the inmates of Victorian asylums pushed the boundaries of the walls which held them.
Tanya Higgins-Carey*, The body and soul of the Bedford Row Lying-In Hospital, the building, the running and the occupants of the charitable institution 1866-1970.
Parallel Session 6, Panel 2: Literary Spaces
Lucía López Serrano*, Opting out of resilience in the psychiatric ward: the dilemma of assisted suicide in Miriam Toews ‘All My Puny Sorrows’.
Wansah Fawaz Al Shammari*, Madness in contemporary British drama from 1972 to the present.
Sarah Ahmed, ‘Betwixt and between’: indeterminate grief, liminality and magical realism in young adult literature.
Parallel Session 6, Panel 3: Creative Spaces
Angela Hodgson-Teall, Retrieval rolls II: from Cornwall to Catford, Cambridge and Beyond.
Eugenia S. Kim*, Lithium hindsight 360.
Emmanuel Oladipo, Molly Spink, Angus Rosie, Emma Roberts-Jones*, Creative portfolios: a space for reflection and self-understanding.
Parallel Session 6, Panel 4: Experiencing Clinical Spaces
Claire Flahavan, ‘Room’: an exploration of physical space in the therapeutic process.
Alex Mermikides, The hospital ward as theatre: orchestrating spaces and bodies in nursing and performance.
Calvin Olsen*, Ways of seeing: visual wellbeing in hospital settings.
Parallel Session 6, Panel 5: Mental Health and Space
Lucinda Richards, Space as therapy: landscape design to address violence and psychological healing in mental health inpatient services.
Des Fitzgerald, Therapeutic cities – rethinking the relationship between mental health and urban space.
Arthur Rose, Asbestos, meothelioma and remembered space.
Parallel Session 6, Panel 6: Narrative Medicine (ii)
Jan Nawrocki, What’s in the space between their ears? Narrative: a window to the doctor’s soul.
Elizabeth Starr, ‘The Spaces Between’: life, narrative, and metastatic cancer in Teva Harrison’s ‘In-Between Days’.
Clare Shaffer, Making space for patient narratives in healthcare simulation.

1600-1615 Break

1615-1700 Workshops

These will be announced shortly.

1700-1800 Plenary Session 2

Dr Brandy Schillace (Chair: Jo Winning)

1800-1845 Evening Entertainment

This will be announced shortly.